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                   Mexican Food and Mazatlan Specialties

Mexican food is internationally recognized for its distinctive flavors. It has a big influence of different cultures and that is what makes it so interesting and delicious. It is an amalgam of Prehispanic and European elements.

During the Prehispanic era the natives had their diet mainly based on vegetables but the most important ingredients were Corn and Chile. There were also tomatoes, cactus, avocado, pumpkin, vanilla and cocoa(chocolate). They also had animals in their diet like turkey or what they could hunt as deer, badger, quail, duck and white fish.

Since the Spanish Conquest new ingredients were added, meat like pork and cow coming from Europe. For this interesting fusion, Mexican food is considered one of the most delicious Worldwide.   Some of the conquistadors also took some of their main spices and ingredients to the rest of the world so there is a lot of influence of the Mexican food in the International Gastronomy as well.

In the last 2 decades emerged a new style of Mexican food which is The Gourmet Mexican Cuisine or New Mexican Food as is called, this new trend is bringing new energy to the traditional Mexican food.

Food and Cooking are a very important in Mexico, and can be the center of social life. It is an event that binds friendships, reinforce family bonds; even important business transactions take place around Dinner or Lunch.

There are dishes for special events or parties like Mole or Tamales but even  though these are festive meals menu, they can be eaten any time in the year and for no specific reason. Tequila is a very distinctive drink made in Mexico only and now Mexican Beers and Wines form Baja California and Queretaro are also internationally known.

In Mexico there are different styles of Mexican food depending on the area. In each State they have their specialties but all of them keep the Corn, Chile and Beans as the main ingredient. Corn is used for tortillas or for Pozole or Menudo. In Mexican food flour is also use to make sweet bread and pastries or to make flour tortillas for quesadillas and chimichangas or buñuelos which is a sweet fry tortilla.


In Mazatlan the traditional regional food is delicious and not as hot and spicy as it is in the south of the Country, but it is very tasty. Some examples of traditional dishes Sinaloenses are: Pollo a la Plaza, Asado a la Plaza, Pozole, Menudo, the wonderful tortilla soup, chilaquiles, enchiladas and of course sea food, especially since Mazatlan is considered internationally the Shrimp Capital.

 At any home it is common to find marlin stew or shrimp ceviche, Pescado sarandeado, or mahi mahi garlic filet, breaded shrimp, shrimp empanadas, shrimp brochette and more; any of this dishes are serve with rice or guacamole on site. Do you like fruit?  In this Estate you will find the freshest fruit like mango, pineapple, guava, banana, watermelon, papaya and surely coconut. There is a very characteristic drink made of fruits like a smoothie and is called “Raspado”.  Well I have a good recommendation for you, after eating any of this succulent treat and make it part of your daily life take a nice and slow walk by the largest boardwalk in Mexico “El Malecon de Mazatlán” just to keep in good shape and feel the cool breeze while enjoying our worldwide sunset. That is what a lot of  people that have made Mazatlan their home do; and they really enjoy living in this Paradise. Many of them were captivated by the natural beauties, by the excellent Mexican food and friendly people on their very first visit and decided to swim in to Mazatlan Real Estate Ocean just to call Mazatlan their own.


One of the most relaxing places to spend a great evening is the plaza outside the Angela Peralta Theater. Any evening of the year you will encounter out doors dinning in the many restaurants that have opened around the plaza Machado, but the real draw is the almost nightly performances presented by the “Centro Municipal de las Artes”. The only odd thing about this scenario is that the quality of the performances is extremely high while the price of the tickets is so low. How do they do it? What you hear and see are performances by Orchestras, Opera Companies, Ballet Companies, various ensembles and even name entertainers who are supported on stage by musicians, singers and dancers who are actually students of the institution. The Theater is almost acoustically perfect; the stage is deep enough to handle very large shows and the fact that is an exact restoration from the 1800’s amazes anyone. It is air conditioned and the seats are very comfortable.

The Mazatlan fine arts cultural center opened its doors November 06 1989; the city ancestors had a vision for a local institution that could train talented young people in the fields of music, dance, voice, theater, painting and sculpting. Their dream was to create a school where kids could enter during childhood and graduate as adult professionals in their artistic regimen.

When it began, the cultural arts academic courses were taught at two separate locations. One was comprised of classes that taught classical ballet, painting and sculpting while “Enrique Patrón de Rueda” music school was at a second facility. During the second year the “voice school” was established with the support of two famous musical icons of Sinaloense music who lived in Mazatlan. The youth symphonic Orchestra and the “Angela Peralta Chorus” were also inaugurated.

By 1993, these artistic activities schools were combined with brand new rehearsal rooms and studios right next to the Angela Peralta Theater. The “Municipal Fine Arts Center” was officially born at this time. This consolidation of the schools was possible because of the ample support of local, state and national endowments and public revenues. The new Municipal Fine Arts Center extended its artistic curriculums to include folkloric ballet, theater, cinema and literature. These educational classes produced young performers with the ability to join high quality ensembles like the “Infantile Chorus”, the “Regional Band” and the “Youth Symphony Orchestra”.

In jus a few years, the consolidation has produced a professional school of music, a professional school of contemporary dance and a professional school of voice. Professional Performance Degrees are bestowed on graduates in each of these three regimens.


The Municipal Center of the Arts is located in one of the most famous historical sites in Mazatlan. The structure it occupies today was once one of the first hotels in Mazatlan. Later, it was the residence of Don Manuel Blond, an industrialist who had a theater annex constructed on the property. Later, the house was sold by Blond’s widow and it became the Iturbide Hotel.


In August of 1883, one of the most famous lyric Soprano’s in Mexico history, Diva Angela Peralta, “The Mexican Nightingale”, passed away in suite 10 of the same building that still carries her name 125 years later.


By the end of the 19th century, the second floor of the building became the “Mazatlan Casino” where the elite met daily. The ground floor served as offices for a variety of businesses.

By 1965, the building was turn into an auto mechanics workshop by the mechanic Don Miguel Ramirez Urquijo, locally famous for creating the first “Pulmonia”.


The cultural Arts Center has truly become a magnet that draws concerts lovers to the hart of the historic district. On any given evening you will find people from all walks of life as well as nationality’s flocking to the numerous bistros’ surrounding the Plaza Machado, which is right in front of the institution, for casual dinners and drinks. They come for the atmosphere. They come for the cuisine and cocktails. They come for the music played by sidewalk performers. But most of all they come because this is a place that seems to energize your soul. It is a magical environment that celebrates creativity and harmony. It is unique to this area of Mexico as well as to the world.


As you can appreciate Mazatlan has a lot to offer, that is one of the many reasons why a lot of people have found their home in our paradise Mazatlan. Learn more about Mazatlan Real Estate   


Carnaval de Mazatlan 2011

Do you recognize me, little mask?


That was very typical to hear in the fancy-dress/masked ball of Carnaval de Mazatlán.


Carnaval de Mazatlán 2011 is bringing back a wonderful tradition “El baile de Facha y Fantasía”. The Cultura of Mazatlan department in coordination with the enthusiastic board of  the Orfanatorio de Mazatlan are in charge of making this come to reality, all founds raised will be to benefit Orfanatorio Mazatlan.


This famous ball was for many years very representative of the Carnaval in Mazatlan, but unfortunate and as time went by it disappeared; well this year and after 111 years from been created, is arising from the memory to the colorful reality and welcome by the enthusiasm and festive mood that distinguish the Mazatlecos. As follows a little bit of history taken from Carnaval de Mazatlan official site.


Between costumes and royalty


Don Miguel Valadez (the city chronicler) described: during the very first carnivals everybody wear costumes and masks they made jokes and their happiness made a new word in which they lived for a few days. People from the area and foreigners came by ships, wagons or horses seeking for that brief but intense world of fun party.

In 1900 Mazatlan had its first Carnaval Queen, a beautiful North American Wilfrida Farmer (Winnie as everybody called her). Winnie made a magnificent entrance to the city on a tram pull by horses and as companion Teodoro Maldonado along with the entourage, the happy ministers and a whole operetta company. On Tuesday’s Mardi grass parade she was on a beautiful black steed, she was a magnificent horse woman.


That year was celebrated the very first masked ball in Círculo Benito Juarez across the street from Plazuela Machado, the article was written by the poet Don Esteban Flores who was also the director of the news paper El Correo de la Tarde.


Learn about Mazatlan Real Estate  

Health Care and Mazatlan Condos

Mazatlan as we all know is a beautiful beach tourist destination, a colorful city with enchanting traditions and remarkable History, a city with exquisite cuisine, a city with amazing art and culture, a city with the most friendly people in Mexico. This is one of the main reasons why a lot people from United States and Canada are moving in to Mazatlan for all the vibrant energy in it, and for the affordability.

With the high demand, Mazatlan had to improve in services too, in order to keep attractive for the already existing foreign community and for the ones to come; one of the important improvements is the Medical Care. It is internationally known that Mexican Doctors are exceptional and love their profession so you can expect from them a superb service. There are very good Hospitals with professional staff highly trained with the latest technology and equipment in a Resort setting so patients can have privacy, and prime service.

 What is interesting here is the inexpensive health care in Mazatlan and that is the biggest benefit of this new asset. 

Within the years it has become popular the term Medical Tourism and Mexico is heading from the different countries around the world that are eligible to be chosen. As I mention before it combines proximity and easy access, great service and low cost, actually a third of what it would cost in United States and Canada. The most common services are:

Dental Care, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Weight loss Surgery, Nee and Hip Surgery, Physical Therapy, Radiology and Laboratory Services.

These are the best Hospitals



Av. Rafaél Buelna esq. Kumate

Phone  (669) 986 5676

                      986 5677

                      986 5678




Av. Revolución y Gral. Cabanillas

Col. López Mateos

Zip. 82140 

Phone  (669) 983 1777

                      983 1524




Belisario Domínguez 2203

Col .Centro

Zip. 82000

Phone  (669) 985 2788


OCEANICA (Betty Ford)

Phone (669) 988 1188


It is important to mention that most of the Doctors speak English and you will find the one that you feel comfortable with. The foreign community vote for their favorite Doctor and is announce in the English local news paper. Dr. Levid Torres Guzman has won for 3 years in a roll; just to give you an idea how well integrated the foreign community is.

Real Estate in Mazatlan is very attractive but by far the best value in Mazatlan Condos is Marina Costa Bonita that only offers the best for its owners; owners at Marina Costa Bonita enjoy a especial VIP health package with Sharp Hospital, they care about your well been and do everything possible to make you feel safe, comfortable, confident in other words AT HOME.

Sinaloa Colonial And Historical, Gives To Mazatlan Real Estate A Real Value

In Sinaloa you can still see the beautiful contrast of tradition and modern, of History and promising future.

A good example is all the colonial little towns that remain as time didn’t went thru, giving us the real taste of the country. Close to Mazatlan there are a lot of these towns that you can visit.

Sinaloa has a rich history in the planting and harvesting of blue agave. Through the years the surrounding areas of Mazatlan have witnessed the settlements of numerous factory Haciendas called Vinatas.

In 1876 the Osuna family started to plant and process the blue agave, with such a great success that more than 20 factories had to be installed in order to satisfy the big cities high demand. In the present time, inspired by this great history and heritage the new generations of Osuna decided to reopen the factory that had been dormant for over 30 years. Their main goal is to keep innovating the manufacturing process, in order to obtain the best quality for this famous Mexican drink, Worldwide known as Tequila.

At 25 minutes drive heading north and after a while, we will be surprised with the amazing view of endless fields of blue agave. Suddenly, among them appears Hacienda Los Osuna, a popular Tequila distillery. The view here is splendid, a huge Huanacaxtle tree frames and shadows this mystical hacienda dated of the XIX century. La Noria, a nearby colonial town with rustic factories, where local artisans work on handmade articles as: horse saddles, pottery and leather goods like, purses, belts and sandals.

For your appetite enjoyment, La Noria has a large variety of traditional dishes such as the burros prietos (dark burritos) and mole enchiladas. Recently, some of the local ladies gladly opened their homes, to offer restaurant facilities to sell these specialties at very reasonable prices

El Quelite is located 25 miles northeast of Mazatlan, on the banks of the river that bears its name. There is a quail farm, an a cheese factory and the ornamental fish tanks. The colorful village of El Quelite was the scene of major historical events during the Mexican revolution. By those years, several Rebel groups where formed and the most recognized was “Los Laureanos”, whose members were the scourge of the rich people of the region stealing the gold, that was carried thru the roads in stagecoaches, proceeding from the Sierra Madre mountains towards the coast. Nowadays, El quelite has fantastic landscapes with rural atmosphere. Cute houses with red tile roofs covered by colorful bougamvillas will amaze your eyes. When visit it you can take a walk on the narrow paving stone streets towards Lady of Guadalupe’s church, a rustic bakery and the cockfight training ranch. Something interesting that you should know about this town is that some of their natives still preserve the tradition of playing a prehispanic game called “The Ulama”.

Las Labradas   Come and know the most impressive and unique beach on the earth, two miles long beach with enormous volcanic rocks that were carved by Indians (petrglyphics) over 2000 years ago, all set along the sea shore during the eruption of “La Meseta de Cacaxtla” volcano. During your visit to this region you can also visit the community of La Chilcayota where you can have an excellent pre-hispanic lunch and also see the community museum. We highly invite you to have the experience of visiting one of the turtle sanctuaries in the northwest coasts of Mexico. North of Mazatlan there is a beach named Playa Ceuta, a virgin beach where experts collect the eggs turtle and incubated them for aprox. 45 days, after they borned they let them free to get back to the ocean being such a wonderful moment after seeing them slowly going into the water.                                                

Cosalá : The town of Cosalá is located 65 miles away from Mazatlan, at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Its Pre-Hispanic name is Cozatl, which means “The place of surrounding beauty”. This charming colonial town was founded in 1562, as a mineral settlement. In the ancient times, Cosala was considered the most prosperous city in the Northwest of Mexico, and by the end of the XVIII century it became its city capital.
Nowadays, it is considered one of Sinaloa’s magic towns, due to its natural beauty, cultural riches and historical relevance.  Most of its building constructions preserve the beautiful architecture of the old times. Some of them were rich Haciendas operating now as hotels. A walk along Cosala’s narrow streets will make you feel like suspended in time; ask locals about some mysterious legends of this town. Some worth seeing buildings in Cosala are: The Santa Ursula temple, with its unique sun clock, The Lady of Guadalupe chapel, The city hall and the interesting mineral museum, which perfectly reviews Sinaloa’s mining history.

As a further attraction, only 5 miles out of Cosala you can visit “Vado Hondo” a beautiful waterfall, surrounded of green vegetation with zip lines and canopy facilities.

Quetzalli Springs located only 12 miles away from the magical town of Cosala, which is hidden in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains 60 miles north of Mazatlan. After your visit to the magical Town of Cosalá, you can drive on a truck or four wheelers through exuberant vegetation towards the springs. Hiking is also an activity that you can make as part of your trip, giving you an excellent opportunity to feel and admire nature’s atmosphere.  Once at the caves, the turquoise colored waters will invite you to swim, as you get inside the flooded caves, you will notice huge rock walls that resemble beautiful rose petals; which were formed by the erosion of wind and rain through the centuries.


San Javier And San Ignacio. We highly invite you to visit the nearby municipality of San Ignacio located just 1 ½ hour north from Mazatlan. Get to know the missions of San Javier and San Ignacio founded by the Jesuits in the XVI century, admire the giant Christ that can be seen from miles away, see an ex monastery used now as a museum for you to see old items of the Jesuits, visit the temples of San Javier, Nuestra Señora de La Natividad and San Ignacio, see a hand made broom factory, a roof tile factory and stroll on cobblestone streets while someone tells you the scary legends that they talk about.

This is what makes Mazatlan so special and gives to Mazatlan real estate a great value, there are many options in Properties, Houses and Mazatlan Condos; and makes Mazatlan the favorite for many.

New Articles

I want to share with you all this two very interesting articles that show us a different analysis of the economical, tourist and political situation in Mexico and USA. It is important to see all the different aspects before making our own judgment.

Enjoy it and see you in Mexico’s Paradise “MAZATLAN”


http://seattletimes .nwsource. com/html/ travelwise/ 2011358640_ trpucci16. html

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Marina Mazatlán, a big project planed many years ago, now is a reality due by a visionary group of Developers searching for the best geographical location to make one of the best and largest Marinas in Mexico and Latin America; more than that, it is a wide open door full of opportunities awaiting on the other side for People looking for a first class lifestyle that includes, excellent medical service, affordable way of living, attractive Mazatlan real estate opportunities and efficient maritime services.


Singlar from Fonatur, is a government agency in charge of built and maintain Marinas and fuel docks in Mexico.

Marina Mazatlan and Singlar are situated in the New Marina providing the fast growing boat community of everything it is needed to get the services that you could get at any of the Marinas in United Estates and Canada. In the boat Services there are:

Repower & Gensets, recognized Marine surveys, electrical wiring, rigging and repair, engine repairs and maintenance, general maintenance, Stainless steel fabrication, Yacht caretaking, blister analysis, paint and Vanish, Solar arch design, hull and topsides, fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, haul out and travel lift capacity to 55 tons, light sanding, waxing and detailing, removal and installation of zinc plates, etcetera.


Marina Mazatlan also hostesses, International Fishing Tournaments like

The “International Billfish Tournament“ and “Big Game Trolling” and People from over 40 countries participate, the most popular teams are from:

Spain, England, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, France, Slovenia, United States, Angola, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, Nicaragua, Belize and of course Mexico. Local people and tourist also get involve in these exciting events and wait for the participants at the docks to cheer for them regardless what country they are from or if they had a good catch,

The atmosphere around the docks is very festive for all.


Marina Mazatlan has a surface of 590.7 hectares and its master plan is to have Lots for Residences, Hotels, Commercial Centers and Shopping Malls, Marina condos, 1,200 Slips for rent, Tennis Club, Beach Club and an 18 hole Golf Course by David N. Fleming. The Golf Course was carefully designed so it will combine the fun and the challenge for both, amateur and professional players, and all surrounded by Palm trees, bugambilias, obeliscos, copa de oro and more of the beautiful Tropical vegetation.


The very exclusive Beach Club, is located in Sábalo-Cerritos beach area, that happens to be one of the nicest and safe beaches in mazatlan, and offers Spa, infinity pool, showers, dressers, Palapa Restaurant & Bar. This wonderful concept of a Beach Club, was welcome by all the residents in Marina.

Mazatlan Convention Center is part of the New Marina, which is opening a whole new category of Tourism to Mazatlan.

Right now, everything is working and ready to use, the best Restaurants, Bars and Cafés are in this Area.  

Any of the residents in Marina Mazatlan are eligible to use and enjoy each one and all of the Services and Amenities that Marina offers. There are different Houses and Condominiums Projects all of them very impressive but of course, there is one just for your specific needs that fits and meets your expectations.

That gives to Mazatlan real estate a new scale and a greater Value.


From my side I can say one of the nicest if not the Best, it is Marina Costa Bonita that binds First class Facilities, excellent Amenities, Luxurious Marina condos and everything surrounded by amazing landscape and attentive Services.

If you do not have a Boat yet, Marina Mazatlan has different fishing fleets were you can rent a boat for the day and go out fishing or just arrange to have a charter tour to the Islands to swim, snorkel, and relax.


The New Marina geographical location, makes it unique, it is at the entrance of Mar de Cortez, and sharing waters with the Pacific Ocean, so it is the most secure Marina in all the Area, then, conveniently close to United States and Canada, make it the first choice for boaters looking for warmer waters and paradise Islands and beaches.

A big percentage of the boat community comes from United States and Canada and they have founded a great quality of living, safe, and friendly people and now they call Beautiful Mazatlan, HOME.